What are my freight costs?
Freight for your item is calculated at a flat rate per item. Click here to view freight table.

Do you offer install?
No - but we provide a comprehensive and easy to understand installation booklet to help make your install as easy as possible.

What is the lead time on my portable shelter or container shelter? (in stock)
Mostly we keep our shelters in stock so depending on your location, we’d estimate between 3 – 7 business days for delivery.  

What is the lead time on my portable shelter or container shelter? (not in stock)
If you shelter isn’t in stock, please request further information from the Torto Customer Service team as to current lead time.

How do I install my Torto Shelter?
Once you have purchased your shelter we will provide you with comprehensive installation instructions to help you on your install.
If you have any any questions while you are installing your shelter please call us on 1300 080 083 and we will be glad to help with any questions that you may have.

Do the Torto covers come in other colours?
No - all Torto shelters come with White Cover.
Note: Some pictures may display the shelter with a Dark Green cover, but at the moment this style isn't avaliable in Australia.

Do these shelters have a warranty?

Whilst we do not offer any guarantee on length of life for your Torto Portable Shelter cover, we are confident that if you continue to care for your shelter and ensure tension is maintained at all times, you will be very happy with the life & performance of your shelter.  It will be immediately apparent if tension has not been maintained. 

We offer a manufacturers warranty that the product is complete when you purchase. Please check all parts upon receiving your shelter and advise straightaway if there are any missing or damaged. We make no guarantee or warranty as to the life of the product or its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. We recommend that for your own protection you exercise care during adverse weather conditions. We will not assume any responsibility for any loss, or any claims by any parties that may arise through the use of these shelters.

What’s the cover made of?
The cover is made of a durable, waterproof & UV resistant PVC fabric.

What the frame made of?
Torto Container Shelters are made of a galvanised steel frame.


How long does the fabric last? 
Fabric life is affected by application, location and the physical elements the shelter is exposed to.


Can I buy a replacement shelter covering? 
Yes, please call Customer Service at 1300 080 083 or contact us online. * Your model # would be helpful in accelerating your request.


How do Torto Shelters stand up to wind? 
Because all of our shelters are not engineered buildings they cannot be wind rated. Anchoring the shelter securely is critical to wind resistance. If extremely high winds or storms are predicted the structure can be dismantled and stored.


What happens if the cover rips or tears? 
A common vinyl patch kit or fabric patch can be used with a strong spray adhesive. Replacement covers are available also. 


  • Cost-effective

    a great value alternative to steel shed options

  • Easy Set-up  & Installation
    Easy Set-up & Installation

    saves you time and money, while storing and protecting valuable assets

  • Relocatable

    easily moved to other locations, saving you valuable time and offering more storage flexibility

  • Order Online  Straight Away
    Order Online Straight Away

    Time saving and immediate confirmation

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    In Stock

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