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Torto is committed to offering its customers genuinely cost-effective shelter solutions.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we ensure the quality of our products backed by excellent customer service. 

Torto provides semi-permanent and temporary shelter structures that are durable and long lasting under all Australian conditions – including intense heat, strong winds and heavy rain. 

And importantly, Torto products can be easily installed and relocated at any time.

Our range of shelters come in varying width, length and height – ensuring your specific requirements are always met.  

Torto operates across both Australia and New Zealand, so if you have particular needs in the New Zealand market, you can visit our partner site at www.torto.co.nz

Torto Shelters – Flexible > Durable > Cost-Effective


What is the Allshelter Group? Allshelter Group is a group of affiliated brands – Allshelter, Siteshelter, Torto and Agribin. Each Brand supplying its own range of storage solution. The Group was established to increase the diverse product offering to our customers.

Allshelter – the most premium storage solution of the group. Allshelter is the manufacturer of the highest quality fabric shelters. Allshelter primarily provides premium engineered shelters to the mining & civil construction sectors to cover the widest imaginable range assets over the broadest global area.

Siteshelter – the medium range storage solution. Siteshelter supplies a cost-effective but quality Australian-made product to the Industrial & Construction industry: a range of Engineered Dome Fabric Shelters, Steel Container Roofs & Ground Protection Mats. 

Torto – the budget range storage solution. Torto imports a variety of temporary shelter solutions to suit each budget. From a small portable garage to protect your Car or Caravan, to a tall shelter for your Truck or Boat up to a large temporary warehouse for the storage of bulky goods.

Agribin – the agricultural storage solution. Agribin manufactures Field Bins for Short-term Grain Handling & Storage.  Agribin is manufactured in central NSW, right at the heart of Australian Grain Industry. 



  • Cost-effective

    a great value alternative to steel shed options

  • Easy Set-up  & Installation
    Easy Set-up & Installation

    saves you time and money, while storing and protecting valuable assets

  • Relocatable

    easily moved to other locations, saving you valuable time and offering more storage flexibility

  • Order Online  Straight Away
    Order Online Straight Away

    Time saving and immediate confirmation

  • In Stock
    In Stock

    Fast shipping and guaranteed quick delivery